Performing Visuals live.

Visuals live 3D Mapping

I have played & designed visuals live for gigs with different bands

Using- Apc40 AKAI midi control, Arkaos VJ Software and Projectors

Bands I’ve been playing with :

  • Lamagaia, Pustervik, Jönköping, Konst Epidemin, Truckstop Alaska, Brunnsparken. 
  • No Hawaii,
    Sticky Fingers.
  • A Cup of Coffee & a Love Song,
    3D mapping at Truckstop Alaska.
    3D mapping at Truckstop Alaska. 

Software used to perform and edit my visuals:

Adobe after effects for effects and video edition.

Arkaos for control & live performances.

Arkaos video mapper for 3Dvideo mapping.