Organic waves of sounds - Digital print serie 6 prints/20 Exhibited at Sandell Gallery, 2015

Inspired by different types of music, each painting represents the feelings I got along with the music I listened to

Organic Waves of sound2

Organic waves of sounds prints 6/20 

This is a part of my serie of digital prints that I have created during the last two and a half years. I’ve been inspired by different types of music, each painting represents the feelings I got along with the music I listened to, this is pure feeling using geometry and symmetry.

I’ve been drawing with my own perception to the music I listened to. The sound waves always appear visually in any kind of sounds. Most of the times, I acted spontaneously to capture the feelings in my compositions.

All matter is composed by geometry and fractals, everything in the world and in the universe is composed by patterns and math. Every substance has its own pattern, but always as a part of an infinite chain across everything.

I have shown 6 of the 20 pieces of my print work at Sandell Gallery in Gothenburg, Sweden. Together with other artists I mounted a Group exhibition at Sandell gallery.

We shared good moments in a good place. Together we have shown our different artwork and got connected with the public and friends who visit us at the gallery.


Prints.Rommel Valgart

 Artwork printed in high quality using Fabriano Rosaspina matte finished
70×100 cm




Opening at Sandell Gallery

The opening was full of interesting people and friends, it was wonderfull to see them all together enjoying this Group exhibition.



Sandell Gallery located in 3rd Långgatan, Gothenburg, Sweden. Gothenburg is the second biggest city in Sweden, a multicultural beautiful place to live, where music, art and culture explode everywhere to make this city alive.

Sandell Gallery-Rommel Valgart

Sandell Gallery- opening-Rommel Valgart

Rommel Valgart- Sandel Gallery3

Regina lund

Regina Lund
 Recording Artist/ Actress/Singer/Songwriter/Poet/Painter/Channeller/Writer /Medium/CEO

Regina Lund:

I have the great honor of exhibiting together with Rommel right now in Gothenburg, Sweden.

What a great craftsman!
The art of Rommel Valgart is very diverse, beautiful and precise. I especially like his black and white pieces because they have such order and perfection in them . Like a song or a structure you can rest your chaos in. Very , very beautiful and peaceful and I like it very much!
I wish for him great success in his work!


Memories of the opening Group show at Sandell Gallery, Gothenburg, Sweden


Rommel Valgart- Sandell Gallery

Rommel- valgart-sandell GalleryRommel Valgart-Marie Wefring

Sandell Gallery-Rommel Valgart-2

Rommel Valgart- Sandell Gallery

Marie Wefring- Rommel Valgart

A special thanks to Ted Åstrand, Hilda Rydman, Lisa Janmar, Tobias Bergdahl and Marie Wefring for acquiring my art work during the exhibition.




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